From people who devoted their lives to designing, building and operating revenue machines as validated revenue leaders in countless tech and Enterprise SaaS businesses. Always driven by data and the fact that sales, and revenue, are a science. From international GTM and/or expansion strategy to operational sales. From transactional up to the most complex processes, markets and products – and everything in between.


Hire a validated, fractional up to full time Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to (re-)design, (re-)build and operate your revenue machine, meaning: marketing, sales, customer success and revenue operations. We also are proficient in strategically building companies, including running capital rounds, convertibles and taking full responsibility over the finance or general operations, per request of the customer.

GTM Advisory

Hire a validated and aspirational GTM-advisor to partner with you as a founder, a CEO or a Revenue or Sales Leader. Ideal for whenever CRO-as-a-Service would be too soon for you. Typically over a period of 3 to 6 months. Also possible to run capital rounds and convertible loans via the GTM Advisory track where we exclusively would focus on that project and realising that project – together.


board member

Add someone with 13 years of operational and 4 years of strategical experience of building and operating 20+ prominent, complex B2B start-ups and scale-ups in the most diverse industries to your advisory board or board as an additional (advisory) board member. In case you don’t have a board (yet) we can start setting up an advisory board first. If you have a board, but no advisory board, we can set one up together, where I am available to join the board itself and/or the advisory board as a member.

Stephane Maes

A seasoned, action-driven, and all-around revenue (and finance, legal, and operations)-focused executive leader, tech CRO, and experienced strategist and operator/builder of companies, who uses his experience to help B2B (high-)technology companies with their international expansion and revenue teams. He joins companies as a fractional up to full-time, hands-on executive management member to be an active, driving force of their business team or as an external GTM advisor or as a (advisory) board member.